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What is frac sand and why is it so popular all over the world?

In our time and age, it is very important to improve the economy in any way that we can. It is absolutely vital. One of the industries that many are still unaware of and which gives a considerable boost to the economy everywhere is the frac sand industry.  The discussion about what it actually is Frac Sand Transportation Services Alberta

Things to know about Frac Sand Transportation Services Alberta

Frac sand is actually a subtype of extremely crush-resistant and durable quartz sand which is used widely by the petroleum industry. It has been used by it for many years, for a certain process that is known by the name of hydraulic drilling. According to this process, a well is drilled into the part of the rock that has petroleum and which needs to fracture in order to get it. After this is done, a mix of chemicals and sand is introduced along with water. This mix is pumped or introduced into the well at high pressure, which creates positive fracture on the rock surfaces. Through these cracks, natural gas and oil is released. As you can understand, frac sand is one of the most important ingredients in this process. There are numerous companies all around the world that swear by the effectiveness of frac sand, along with many Frac Sand Transportation Services Alberta.  

Some another factor about Frac Sand Transportation Services

  The popularity of frac sand has never been higher. Did you know? that there has been a 50% boost in the consumption of frac sand, with energy companies leading the way. Actually, energy companies buy more than 95 billion pounds of sand per year. One method that has been incredibly effective in the increase of production of frac sand is super fracking. Super fracking is a type of fracking technique that is all about the use of using a greater amount of frac sand for creating more and larger cracks in hard rock surfaces. These are useful in areas for the faster output of oil and gas. Did you know? that super-fracking as a process is responsible for more than 30% increase in the output of oil and gas. Because of this, some of Wall Street’s biggest earners are the frac sand companies. If you as a company want quality frac sand, then you also need agencies for transporting it to you safely. Thus, we recommend Frac Sand Transportation Services Alberta.