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If you need a load of grain taken to a feedmill in British Columbia, or a trailer spotted in the field to haul from your combine and deliver to a local elevator, we have something for you. We are willing to accommodate whatever needs you might have.


Fertilizer is an important part of the whole farming industry, and it is imperative that there is no contamination when hauled from the plant to the dealer. We pride ourselves in hauling fertilizer without contamination. We haul to the typical fertilizer dealers, as well we are involved in forestry fertilization. We will haul from the supplier, right to the helicopter, and provide tender trucks as well.

Anhydrous Ammonia

We have been hauling Anhydrous Ammonia for over 25 years. We haul from the supplier to the dealer for agricultural customers. Once in a while we will use our trucks to help our dealers out and pull their nurse trailers. We also have been involved in commercial refrigeration projects, the most interesting being the bobsled track at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, Alberta.

Frac Sand

With our growing fleet of hopper bottom trailers we can assist in getting Frac sand from the supplier to the location in a timely matter. We can move the entire project requirements, or we can assist other companies when the tonnage requirements are too great for any one company.